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The Iowa Angus Auxiliary Royalty committee is seeking ladies 15-21 as of January 1, 2018 is the Iowa Junior Angus Association who may be interested in becoming an 2018 Iowa Angus Princess. Please contact Bree Brandt via phone or email for the application and more information, 563-370-9213 or Application deadline is April 1, 2018.

Award & Scholarship Information

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President Shelly Mardesen 1794 400Th St. SW
Oxford, IA 52322
Vice President Robin Younge 1251 250th St.
Ventura, IA 50482
Secretary Bonnie Duckett 1626 250th ST
Tipton, IA 52772

Executive Treasurer /
Region 3 Director for
American Angus Auxiliary
Karla Knapp 22439 265th St
Bloomfield, IA 52537
Scholarship Chairperson Mary Greiman 1960 200th St
Garner, IA 50438
Royalty Coordinator Bree Brandt 2542 Mulberry Ave
Corning, IA 50841

Botna Valley  
Eastern Glenda Schroeder
Denison Ardyce O'Neill
Hawkeye Renee Driscoll
North Central Mary Greiman
Northeast Marcia Rueber
River Basin Dee Leaders
Six River Ruth Carrico
Southeast Barb Orman
Tall Corn Jan Wical
At Large Patsy Neumeyer
Warren Dixie McCormick
Join us and support our projects

Send $10 annual dues to:

Karla Knapp, Region 3 Director for American Angus Auxiliary
22439 265th St.
Bloomfield, IA 52537
Phone: 641-929-3554

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Auxiliary Dues Support the Following Projects
Miss Iowa Angus
National and State Junior Achievement Awards and Certificates
Delbert Graff and Anita Russell Memorial Awards for Juniors
Hawkeye Science Fair, Scholarships for Seniors

Honorary Members
Mrs. J.C. Holbert(deceased), Mrs. Berle Priebe,
Mrs. Harold Allen (deceased), Mrs. Carlton Meinders,
Mrs. Jim O’Neill, Mrs. Marion Barnhart, Mrs. Erle Driscoll,
and Mrs. Ted Greiman

A Special Thank you to Burns Angus of Oxford Iowa for Donating 2 Embryo lots for the
Auxiliary Scholarship fund. A Huge Thank you goes out to the Van Zee Family of
Souix City, IA and the Smith Family of Pisgah, IA for the purchase of the lots!