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Angus Show - February 14, 2018 | Angus Sale - February 15, 2018
Iowa State Fairgrounds - Des Moines, IA





** Catalog Change:
[Lot 55 is now 55X - Reg. number 18846535]

Tuesday, Feb. 13 - 2:30pm, Annual Meeting, Iowa State Fairgrounds
Wednesday, Feb. 14 - 9:30am, Angus Show, Iowa State Fairgrounds (starting w/ females)

Wednesday, Feb. 14 - 6pm Social Hour, 7 pm Annual Banquet Holiday Inn, Des Moines
Thursday, Feb 15 - 11:00 am, Angus Sale, Iowa State Fairgrounds (starting w/ bulls)

25 - 2016 Bulls :: 26 - Open Heifers
45 - 2017 Bulls :: 3 - Bred Heifers
3 Embryo Packages


Office ext: 301 or 304
Sale ring: 302 - settlement dk: 307


-Consignor must be a 2017 member of the Iowa Angus Association in good standing without accounts receivable due the IAA. Members of the Iowa Junior Angus Association are also eligible with a current membership to that affiliate organization.
- The consignor name listed on the entry form must be the same as that listed as first owner on the registration certificate. ***New this year, Any junior who purchased a heifer from the expo last year, that heifer is eligible for the sale as a bred heifer.****
- Each consignor is limited to four entries. Embryo entries are not included in this total. If four are entered both sexes must be represented in their offering.

Entry Requirements
- Entry deadline will be December 1, 2017. Entry envelopes postmarked past December 1, 2017 will not be accepted.
-An original Registration certificate must accompany each animal entry. NO EXCEPTIONS.
- A separate $30 membership check made out to Iowa Angus Association shall accompany each entry form.
- A $250 deposit per animal (make check payable to Iowa Angus Sale Account) will accompany each entry and will be returned in full (provided they go through the sale) with the post sale disbursement
- Photos may be presented at entry time for use in the sale catalog at a cost of $10 each. Sale management reserves the right to use the photos (or not) in presale advertising.
- A footnote of reasonable length may accompany each entry for use in the sale catalog but the sale manager reserves the right to edit it to fit. Growth, carcass, and
scrotal EPDs will be provided by AHIR and listed in the sale catalog in uniform boxes as well as adjusted birth, weaning, and yearling weights and ratios. All
Performance information not confirmed by AHIR will be provided in sentence form as part of the footnote.

  1. All animals entered in the futurity must either be bred and owned, or purchased in dam.
  2. Bulls must be calved after January 1, 2016 and prior to May 1, 2017
  3. Females must be calved after January 1, 2016 and prior to December 1, 2017 New Age Rule 2016
  4. Yearling Bulls must have a minimum 3.0 weight per day of age to be eligible. (New rule 2005)
- No entries will be accepted if ancestors shown on the registration certificate have genetic defects under classification No. 1, except those ancestors proven clean According to the American Angus Association. ALL POTENTIAL CARRIERS OF GENETIC DEFECTS MUST BE TESTED BY EXPO CHECKIN. THE BOARD VOTED TO FOLLOWING AMERICAN ANGUS RULES FOR GENETIC DISEASES. IF A PEDIGREE IS GIVEN TO THE ANIMAL IT CAN SELL BUT IT MUST LIST IF THEY ARE A CARRIER. IT WILL BE NOTED IN THE FOOTNOTE OF THE CATALOG FOR THE ANIMAL. NEW RULE 2013.
- Any animal with a tattoo that is not readable or inconsistent with that shown on the registration certificate will be ineligible to show or sell.
- Consignor must offer to sell a minimum of one-half interest on the entry. New Rule 2011.
- Consignor will not be allowed to withdraw animals after the entry deadline without forfeiting their deposit. If animal is checked in, it must sell unless an unforeseen accident occurs.
- Only Registered Angus Females bred to Registered Angus Bulls will be allowed to enter (New Rule 2006).

Check –in
- All sale entries will be expected to check in on Tues. February 13, 2018
- Bulls that will be one year of age on February 13, 2018 must pass a semen evaluation and provide documentation at check in. Note: this rule is unique to Angus and overrides the Iowa Beef Expo recommendation of 15 months. Bulls born before January 1, 2017 must have a clean trichomoniasis test before the 2013 Expo. (New IBBA Rule, 2012).
- All entries will be weighed, and all bulls will be measured for scrotal circumference with resulting measurements to be published with the sale order.
- Individual interstate health papers must be provided at check in as outlined in future consignor correspondence.
- Substitutions will be allowed (one per consignor) provided the consignor supplies the original registration certificate and a current performance pedigree at check in time. -Performance
pedigrees are available from the American Angus Association at a cost of $2. Advance notice of a substitution to the sale manager is strongly Encouraged.
- Once an animal is checked in it is not allowed to leave the ISF grounds. New Rule 2014

Show Procedure
-Animals will be shown from youngest to oldest in their respective divisions and gender starting with females, followed by futurity bulls..
- Classes will be made up after cattle have been checked in with no more than 15 in a class. Classes will not be named in advance but should fall close to the standard classifications set by the American Angus Association.
- Only the top two animals will be placed in order and allowed to compete for their respective division championships. Remaining animals in the class will remain in random order and will be discussed by the judge.
- Get-of-Sire entries must be owned by one family or firm but may come from either open class or futurity divisions. A Get-of-sire will be defined as three animals, sired by the same bull, both sexes represented. Entries to this class can be enrolled at check in.
- All bulls must be shown with a nose lead.
- All animals shown are subject to American Angus Association rules governing shows.
- No adhesive shall be used during show. (New Rule 2010) Foam and oil is allowed and animals must be clipped.

Sale Procedure
- Sale order: Grand Champion Futurity Bull, Reserve Grand, division winners, first place bulls, second place bulls, remaining futurity bulls in order determined by sale order committee; Scholarship heifer; females in same order as bulls. Then the embryos.
- Sale order committee will be made up of the judge, sale manager, auctioneer (if available), AAA regional manager, and 1 or 2 unbiased parties named by the Board of Directors show and sale committee.
- Consignors wishing to floor their animals (minimum bid) must get a buyers number prior to the sale, designate it as a “no sale”, and execute their intent themselves or through sale staff.
- Sale expenses for stalling, bedding, advertising, auctioneer, Beef Expo commission, ring service, etc. Will be prorated on a per head basis while Iowa Angus Association commission will be assessed at 5% of consignor gross. This includes “no sales”. These funds will be extracted from the sale proceeds, which will be dispersed in a timely manner.
- Direct payments from buyer to consignor will not be allowed. All sale proceeds must go through the Iowa Angus sale account
- Cattle scratched from the sale will forego the $250 deposit and will be dispersed: $200 toward sale expense, $50 for Iowa Angus commission.
- Consignors will be responsible to get animal in line for sale, if not in line when your turn in up, the animal will sell at the end of the bulls if it is a bull, and if it is a heifer at the end of the sale. (New rule 2004)